Whichever way you choose to get here, get here in time for the action! From Road Tripping through Canada to Return Coach Travel, to Airport Transfers - we've got it all, so get some tasty tunes ready for the ride...


Take off. Touch down. Then it's all aboard the Snowbombing express. Pop some tunes in your ears and get ready for the week of your life.


The snow bus is cheaper than a flight and its door-to-door service means you'll go straight from Vancouver to the heart of the festival with no additional transfer costs. 


Roll down the windows, queue the AC/DC playlist and hit the highway with your best pals! There really isn't a better way to start your Snowbombing adventure than with a GoCarShare. Most accommodation in Sun Peaks includes parking (make sure you check before!) so no excuses, get ready for the ride!

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