Treat yo'self

It's not all about the music and mountains! Sun Peaks also boasts a wealth of mountain-side jacuzzis and some of the finest Canadian produce of offer. Throw in alpine Snowga, some of Canada's finest pistes and BC's most stunning back country runs and what do you have? One of the most unique festival settings in the world...


Fancy stretching out, getting limber and quite literally becoming one with nature on the mountain each morning? Then look no further than Snowga; our fusion of the Joga beats sensation that’s been taking the yoga world by storm... Please await more news on this coming soon.

Food & Restaurants

Sun Peaks' gastronomic delights are sure to serve you up everything you need after a long day (and night!) at CLSBC18. From Mountain High pizza to the best sushi this side of the Thompson, just make sure you've left enough room to visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

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